• Welcome to Bash-ville, Nashville's First Rage Room!

    Nashville's First Rage Room

    Open NOW!

    Are you ready to release your tension, frustrations  and anger? Or maybe just do something different Saturday night?  If so, click below to schedule your BASH session or call 615-335-3680!

    18 and up only

    If you have severe anger issues go seek help- this is for fun and decompression from every day stressors.

     This is not a medical therapy of any kind

    NOW OPEN- Appointments strongly recommended

    This is the first RAGE room to open in Nashville Tennessee. 

    Have you had a bad break up? Or maybe you hate sitting in Nashville's relentless traffic? 

    Whatever reason your angry- We can help!

    In todays world, having anger in unavoidable. There have been increased shootings, violenece, polital satire and enough to make anyone go crazy with anger! 

    We, at Bash-ville, just want to make it better for you. We want to provide you a safe secure place to vent and let it all out. Bash-ville Is a judgement free zone!

    Sessions start at $25 and go up depending on the set up you request.

    When preparing for your BASH time- please wear appropriate clothes!  Don't be a dummy--No open toed shoes, low cut shirts or shorts.Wear PANTS-

     We do provide general safety equipment i.e goggles, gloves, and aprons/ jump suits.

    We encourage you to Bash at your own pace 

    Bash packages are customized to your individual needs. 

    Click below for an appointment NOW!

    Available for Bachelorette parties/ Divorce parties on weekends only- 5 minutes from downtown/East Nashville 

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    Ask us about BASHING/donating your old stuff

    Feel free to bring your own box of "Bashables" 

    CLEAN UP fee will apply - call ahead with detailed list of what you will be bringing***

    Dumping is illegal- NO projector TV's

    Email or call to schedule drop off time.

    We are excited about Bashing AND recycling!

    Items incldue- TV's, phones, laptops,glass, plates, pictures with frames, toliets, tablets,tables...


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    Now able to schedule your own Bash Session- Click on the link below ** Open Now Thursday-Sunday, Appointments highly recommended to ensure Basher’s privacy- Bash can be closed for private parties- so Please schedule an appointment

    Bash-ville LLC

    606 Fesslers Lane, Nashville, Tennessee 37210, United States